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A new fad for dating apps in Israel: Tinder photos taken in Gaza

A new fad for dating apps in Israel: Tinder photos taken in Gaza

Israeli soldiers have begun updating their Tinder profiles with photos taken in the Gaza Strip amid the siege imposed by the Israeli army.

An Israeli woman was the first to report this new phenomenon in a post on the X website on February 26. “Tell me, does it make sense to you that 40% of Tinder in Israel looks like this?” I wrote in Hebrew while sharing profiles I found on Tinder.

In these photos, young men carry weapons and stand in the destroyed homes of Gazans, proudly displaying the devastation the Israeli army has inflicted on the Gaza Strip, even making jokes about the conflict there.

After this post, she said she received a lot of messages from Israeli women sharing their experiences with the same type of profiles on various dating apps.

“What can we say? At least we are being devastated in Gaza. If the media doesn’t do its job, we can always rely on male stupidity,” she said in a later post.

One Hebrew-language user noted in the comments that there has been an increase in the popularity of the military since October 7, which he believes explains this phenomenon.

She also says she has noticed that many of them are not Israeli. The woman said in response to a comment on her post: “There are many Frenchmen, Britons and even a few Americans who came here specifically to enlist in the Israeli army and meet a ‘good Jewish woman.’”

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