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First win for Nikki Haley

First win for Nikki Haley

Many American media expect Nikki Haley to win the Republican primary in the District of Columbia.

This is the first victory for the candidate for the Republican Party nomination against former President Donald Trump.

This gain for Nikki Haley comes two days before the famous “Super Tuesday”, which will be decisive in the race for the Republican nomination.

So far, his rival Donald Trump has won all of his party's primaries, often by large majorities.

The fifty-year-old former US ambassador to the United Nations under Donald Trump is promoting the image of a more moderate candidate, promising to restore a certain “normality” among conservatives.

But according to a poll conducted last Saturday in South Carolina, 40% of his supporters indicated that they opposed the nomination of Donald Trump.

“A huge wake-up call,” according to Alyssa Farrah Griffin, the former president’s former communications director, when he was in the White House.

“Someone who is practically running as an incumbent president — Donald Trump — who gets 60 percent of the vote and 40 percent against him? It's not exactly coronation,” she said during an interview on CNN.

“Donald Trump has a problem, whether he wants to admit it or not,” Nikki Haley warned in a statement Tuesday after losing a new primary to the former Michigan leader.

“40% of Republican voters don’t want to have anything to do with him, and he does absolutely nothing to include them in his increasingly exclusive group,” she added.