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A MUST SEE: Pot explodes among Canucks fans

A MUST SEE: Pot explodes among Canucks fans

Vancouver Canucks fans were fed up with their team’s problems and released them on Saturday night in a 4-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins at Rogers Arena.

At the end of the meeting, the crowd sang loud and clear the phrase “Dismiss Benning,” referring to General Manager Jim Benning.

Canucks’ jacket was also thrown onto the icy surface. According to Sportsnet, a note has been attached to the piece of clothing where the number and name of Captain Bo Horvat is displayed.

“Not you Bo, everyone,” the message was written.

Vancouver club had won the last two games. However, it was installed in the lower tier of the Pacific Division, with a record of 8-15-2. In front of his team, Canucks 3-7-1.

We heard the frustration of our supporters tonight [samedi]Striker Tyler Mott told news conferences after the loss to Pittsburgh. We have to look in the mirror and find a way to be better, because we owe it to many people and not just ourselves.”

“The fans want victories and we don’t give them any,” Horvat said simply.

“When you suffer defeat, it is difficult. The supporters are frustrated and so are we. Our players are angry. It’s the same for coaches when we lose,” coach Travis Green said.

Lack of discipline

Heading into the National Hockey League’s playoffs on Sunday, the Canucks were the worst shortlisted team in the league with a 64.6% success rate.

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After the effort against the “pens”, indiscipline was again mentioned to explain the defeat, as the goals of victory and insurance were scored with another man.

“It’s very difficult when you get a lot of penalty kicks,” Horvat said. It’s frustrating to play hockey catch-up against this kind of team.”

“We lost a lot of matches because of it and it made the difference in so many duels, the young captain added to his team’s reductive failures. That made the difference in our meeting today.”

With no silver bullet to cure this problem, the Canucks skaters think they’ll get away with continuing to believe in their means.

“We were confident after winning our last two games. However, we have to realize that everything has to start over every day. In the position we have placed ourselves in, we owe it to ourselves to find a way to win hockey games, whether it’s 1 to 0,” Mott said. or 6 to 5.”

The Canucks will try to turn back Monday night, as the Los Angeles Kings make their way to Vancouver. This will be the second in a six-game series at home for the Canadian team.