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[VIDÉO] Tour de France: Bolts were thrown on the track during the race

[VIDÉO] Tour de France: Bolts were thrown on the track during the race

Several cyclists in the prestigious Tour de France suffered a suspicious puncture on Sunday while metal pins were found in their tyres.

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“Thank you for that kind of human nonsense. I don’t think I was the only puncture victim in the final. Know you can fall and hurt yourself badly with your foolish nonsense,” shocked TotalEnergies cyclist Lilian Calmejane.

In a video shared on his Twitter account, we can see the bike’s front wheel pierced by five metal mounting bolts, which were clearly thrown onto the track before the peloton passed between Vitoria-Gasteiz and San Sebastian, in Spain, France Live reported on Monday.

But according to the cyclist, at least seven riders have suffered similar punctures in transit.

“You should know that the spectators threw thumbtacks, we were totally blown away, we had to change seven riders. The only one not punched is Victor Lafaye, and he wins,” according to French media.

Fortunately, this would not have prevented the cyclist from crossing the finish line without problems, having covered ten kilometers on his damaged wheel.