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The case of Antonio Brown raises questions

The case of Antonio Brown raises questions

Antonio Brown continues to make headlines for the wrong reasons. After providing false evidence of vaccination, he was suspended for three games for violating NFL protocols regarding COVID-19. Other players have also been arrested and it is questionable if this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Brown and thief Mike Edwards are two active members of the pirates who have obtained fake cards. So does wide receiver John Franklin III, who was released last August.

All three were suspended for three matches without pay. In the case of Brown, who is treating an ankle injury and plans to miss at least the next two, this is not a huge loss for him and his team.

With that said, three players dressed in pirate colors and who found themselves in this situation, it’s more than fishy! How much more could there be? And how much elsewhere? How easy is it to override protocols that are in a pseudo-state?

This is a thorny problem that the NFL does not need.

still embarrassed

On the football field, no one could doubt how good Brown is as a receiver, and as a talented player.

He was easily suspicious of last season when the Bucs signed him to please Tom Brady, but he delivered the goods.

However, this is not the first time that he has put his foot in the dishes and that he blames the whole world but himself. Not to mention that his lawyer said, when the story came out, that it was all false.

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The individual is above all

The point is not whether or not Brown should be vaccinated. This is another whole discussion. In fact, he and his colleagues confirmed that they were vaccinated in order to take advantage of the greater freedoms offered by the protocols to the players who received the vaccine. So he not only lied to himself and the league, but above all to his teammates.
and coaches.

The coaches who, moreover, defended her with their feet and toenails two weeks ago when this prestige fraud story was revealed by Tampa Bay Times Before being denied by the Brown clan and the pirates.

So Brown thought again to himself first. Many compare this situation to that of Aaron Rodgers, but there is an important difference. Rodgers may have played with words, but everyone in the Packers knew his situation and had to comply with the demands of the unprotected players. On the other hand, Brown and Edwards acted no matter who they share the changing room with.

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians told Brown last year that on his first misstep, the receiver would be out. But is he really the boss or Brady?

The player must be demonically good in order for many adventures to be tolerated in an environment considered the best team sport.

5 points to watch out for

The Return of Keeler Murray

Kyler Murray returns to the Cardinals vs Bears match. He needs just 31 yards to become the fourth youngest quarterback in history (24 years, 120 days) to cross the 10,000-yard mark (after Drew Bledsoe, James Winston and Dan Marino). He would also become the only Cam Newton to earn 10,000 passing yards and 1,500 rushes in three seasons.

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Gronk aims to set a record

The Buccaneers lit up a tight end Rob Gronkowski last week with 123 yards. It was his 30th game of his career with 100 yards or more. The tight end record belongs to the great Tony Gonzalez with a score of 31. Against the Hawks, Gronk will try to join Gonzalez. Travis Kelce of the Chiefs follows behind with 28 games from 100 yards and up.

And 10 for Taylor?

Colts striker Jonathan Taylor is aiming for a 10th game in a row with at least one quick touchdown. Good news for him, he faces Texas, who has conceded 17 touchdowns, the second-worst total on the track. If he reached this plateau, it would be a feat that only John Riggins (12), Ladinan Tomlinson (12), Reverend Holmes (11) and Emmett Smith (11) could have achieved.

eternal rivalry

Put in the first duels in one of the great rivalries in the NFL, the one between the Steelers and the Ravens. With Mike Tomlin and John Harbo as the head coaches for these two teams, the fight was very close. The Steelers have 15 wins in 14 games. At least 22 of the 29 games have been decided by possession.

Full Monday night!

The match of the week is likely to be a duel between the Bills and the Patriots for the top spot in the East Asian League. Currently, the Patriots are the top defense in points allowed (15.8 per game), while the Bills are directly behind them (16.5 per game). McJones will look to become the fourth rising midfielder in history to win seven games in a row.

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