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A global superstar is coming to Masked Singers and here's who he could be

A global superstar is coming to Masked Singers and here’s who he could be

The big international mystery star is approaching Quebec…

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Since the beginning of the second season of masked singers, We know that an international superstar will soon be landing in Quebec to join the popular Sunday show.

Almost every week, we are entitled to a capsule of evidence that is supposed to help us guess the identity of this mysterious star.

But who is he? Let’s take a look at the evidence we have.

1) In the first capsule, we see an American flag placed over Florida. Our star appears on stage in front of a cheering crowd. And that makes us believe we’re dealing with a singer or a singer (but you never know)…

2) In the second, our star wears a long black cloak and boards a plane in Germany.

3) The next day, we see the plane flying over France. On the star’s phone, we read the code in 1996. Then I looked at childhood photos of four detectives before the batteries ran out.

4) In the fourth capsule we finally hear the mysterious character speak. In his hand he holds a plane ticket for a flight from Las Vegas to Montreal. On the ticket, we learn that his name is Cat Sphynx.

“Hello Quebec. I took off and landed soon at your place. You and I have always been close, even when I travel the world. you are always in my heart. See you soon Quebec! “

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5) In this week’s capsule, we finally learned more about the mysterious cat. Upon arriving in Quebec, we see the cat getting out of the plane and giving the house keys to a security guard before entering the car. I rarely travel alone. But tonight, I love you solo. Even Americans understand.

That’s it.

If these clues are murky, some investigators have nonetheless dared to come forward as to the character’s identity. Stephane Russo thinks it could be Celine Dion. Anouk Monnier thinks it could be Jerry Halliwell from the Spice Girls.

Foil bag ideas:

This “solo travel” guide leads us to believe that a person might be in a band or duo, which makes us lean toward Brandy or Monica.

But we also know that it can be a problem (we know masked singers), so we’ll also be adding Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson. And why not Nancy Wilson from the heart group who sang? Single (single trip…)?

We feel like we’ll find out who he is before too long…

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