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Fabien Laroche talks about the changes to STAT after viewers' criticism

Fabien Laroche talks about the changes to STAT after viewers’ criticism

We had the opportunity to speak with Fabien Laroche on Monday as part of Club Illico’s 2022-2023 launch as she introduces the new series. revolutionariesStarring Pierre-Luc Funk and Sarah-Jeanne Labrousse.

We took advantage of this meeting to discuss the changes made with her STAT Since the criticisms of some television viewers who blamed him for his lack of truth.

“We are not a doctor,” first the product mentions. ” We watch this and think: “Oh my God, there is a verb and everything”, but we do not know how to put a muzzle. We learned how to photograph it. It’s a daily newspaper so we don’t have the same resources as traditional soap operas. »

She sought help from a well-known doctor in the media world. ” Dr. Vadeboncourt has hooked up with us,” she says. “It works upstream. By actually writing scripts, he can make things right. […] He is very cooperative and very creative in the sense that he understands the necessities of production, and he understands Marie-Andre’s work [Labbé]. »

He’s not physically present on the set, but if the team has questions, they can send him videos so he can give his opinion.

In the group, a month and a half ago, we had three nurses and all three hadn’t said the same. The manager called me saying, “We talked for 20 minutes because everyone has their own way of doing things.” Every hospital is different “, as you say.

She adds: A police chief who goes to execute a motorcyclist captain in a bus in an open yard, it looks like a letter in the post office, but the poorly placed “gypsum” for example, oh no! »

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Fabien Laroche in her third series in a hospital (emergency and trauma And the STAT) It says the reviews are the same every time.

The producer still wanted to indicate that things had settled down for a few weeks. There are far fewer complaints. ” We don’t hear much about it anymore. »

Reviews are very satisfactory for the product. ” Lots and lots of people are watching TV at 7 AM! “, as you say.

It was not initially intended to produce daily news for Radio Canada. ” We teamed up with Guillaume L’Espérance so that Guillaume could finally take over. But I’m here because it’s a challenge, it’s a motivator, I wanted it. »

Fabien Laroche promises us full final for mid-season. See here when it will be broadcast.