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Is updating your electronic devices good or bad?  Tips to avoid risks

Is updating your electronic devices good or bad? Tips to avoid risks

to'system update Our electronic devices are something we engage with regularly, and in addition to involving smartphones, tablets and computers, it affects practically all the technological “trinkets” in our possession. Regarding this “routine” procedure, many people wonder: Is updating electronic devices bad or good?

In general, we can say that installing updates for the system and the various applications you use is important for security and for the devices to function properly. In fact, this process does not entail any particular risks, provided that you pay attention to some simple precautions, in particular by installing updates when the device is connected to the mains and only after making a backup.

Why updating electronic devices is beneficial

A software update is basically a new version of an operating system or application, which usually includes repairs (literally “patches”) to resolve any security issues, improve performance, and sometimes make aesthetic improvements to the user interface. And for these reasons so Updating your electronic devices will certainly help.

On the front protectionFor example, software updates are one of the most effective weapons against cyberattacks by cybercriminals. In fact, over time, hackers (or crackers) find new ways to penetrate previously inaccessible security systems. If they manage to break into the system, they can spy on the unfortunate victim's activities, and possibly plant dangerous malware without their knowledge.

Correct the Zero-day vulnerability (i.e. vulnerabilities in software that its developers don't yet know about or which, in any case, they know about but haven't fixed), software updates dramatically raise hardware security standards, making them much more difficult to attack.

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As for correcting the so-called “insects”Or errors in the software code that can affect its correct operation. This improves the usability of the system and the applications used by eliminating various types of problems, including incident Sudden slowdowns, less than optimal battery usage, and difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi.

The last positive aspect we mention concerns temporary workers Aesthetic and functional improvements Which is included in software updates. Some updates – called in jargon Major update (literally “important update”) – bring Changes to graphics and design of visual elements in the interface (such as buttons and icons) or presented New Jobs.

However, it must be said that sometimes especially “big” system updates, filled with many new features and aesthetic innovations, can have the opposite effect from a performance point of view, slowing down devices (especially if they are relatively old). This is what we call the phenomenon of planned obsolescence.

How to avoid problems during software update

Finally, we want to highlight this aspect: Updating the device software is a difficult process Which must be performed according to the methods provided by the manufacturer.

In fact, there are some potential risks associated with software update that should be taken into consideration to avoid potential problems, such as data loss. To reduce these problems, we advise you to pay attention to the following points.

  • Before installing the update, Make a backup copy Complete with data. If something goes wrong during the update, it will be possible to restore the backup and return the situation to normal, eliminating the risk of irretrievably losing files and data.
  • Download the software update once there Connected to a Wi-Fi network (If possible). This way you won't erode the available data on your phone plan and you'll avoid potential additional charges from your phone operator.
  • Connect the device to the power source So that it does not turn off during the update (this may lead to possible data loss).
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