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[CP] Chocobo GP will be available March 10, 2022

[CP] Chocobo GP will be available March 10, 2022

The trailer highlights all the fun – sometimes chaotic – that awaits players early next year. It also introduces upcoming new game modes to enrich the story mode and knockout tournaments for 64 pilots from GP Chocobo mode:

  • Time Trial: Challenge yourself to beat your best times in multiple circuits. Also enjoy competing with other pilots from all over the world*, in order to have the best time.
  • Series races: Drivers compete for the top spot in four races. Mode to enjoy alone or with friends.
  • Custom Race: Create your own circuits with specific rules, for single games or with friends.

With Chocobo GP Lite, pilots can experience the introduction of Story Mode in a single player version, and can participate in local or online* multiplayer races* for eight, if organized by someone with the full game. Chocobo GP Lite players can also test the supercharged tournaments of 64 pilots in Chocobo GP mode. Finally, saved data from Chocobo GP Lite can be transferred to the full version of the game, so everyone can keep rewards and items for the ultimate mechanical adventure.

Chocobo GP and Chocobo GP Lite free download version will be available on the Nintendo Switch on March 10, 2022.

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