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4 Low-Cost Solutions to Create a Home Office

4 Low-Cost Solutions to Create a Home Office

We have all read this article and heard the advice of an expert in the field who praised the advantages of the perfect arrangement at home. The presence of a window that lets in natural light, an expensive comfortable chair, a shelf well stocked … In fact, even if we want to furnish an office with such items, our reality may be completely different, so that we can face many problems (limited space, budget too tight, etc.). In that sense, here are 4 low-cost solutions for setting up a home office.

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Problem #1: The window and natural light

We all like to have a nice big window near our office, to breathe fresh air and be inspired by the beauty of the plants that surround us, right? Only, it is entirely possible that this may not be the case. And then, it’s indisputable to tear down a wall and install a window, just for our visual convenience, when our budget is low!

The solution: a vibrant colored wall

This is what I did, to make up for the lack of a window in my small office! In fact, I decided to paint the surface of the wall behind my work computer yellow. I’ve always loved this color that brings any room to life. Sure, it allows me to be more creative! Therefore, do not hesitate and dare to paint one of the walls of your office automatically. Also, decorate your personal desk with plants (live or not)! They’ll add a healthy dose of vitamins to space!

Problem #2: The comfortable chair

It seems that in order to do a good job it is important to have a comfortable task chair worth several hundred dollars, let’s be frank and unattractive. Indeed, it is true that for people who have to work full time sitting in front of a desk, the purchase of such a chair should be considered. So is their lumbar and back health!

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However, what about people who don’t have the necessary funds, nor the desire to stack their desks with one of these chairs?

The solution: an attractive stool or chair

When choosing a chair for your office, always think comfort before aesthetics. However, if a very comfortable chair turned out to be very beautiful as well, then the question does not arise! For my part, I decided to go for a black and white striped stool, where we painted the legs yellow. The result is a custom bench with a unique and tasteful look.

Problem #3: Huge Shelf

Not every family has the space (or budget) for a multi-shelved shelving unit to store all your important documents. From bills to insurance papers, through trinkets and other decorative items, it’s true that a shelf used to store all of this can be functional.

The solution: wall-mounted shelves

Even if it means having a traditional desk shelf, I opted for two small shelves mounted at the height, where are some decorative items, books and a storage box. Next to my desk is a large black box attached to the wall that allows me to store my most important documents.


Plus, to gain efficiency in your home office, why not put a cork board on the wall to fix your most urgent documents? It’s also possible to apply a black finish latex paint to the wall, giving the effect (and the look!) of a real chalkboard.

Problem #4: A room dedicated to creating a home office

For many families, their home is so spacious that they can make an entire room for the home office. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone, so they have to find alternatives to fill everything.

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The solution: several small offices

While doing this, what we did at home, due to lack of space, was to arrange several small offices throughout the house. Thus, we have several storage and working spaces, allowing you to change the air when necessary.

Finally, what are the low cost solutions for setting up a home office?



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