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Routine cleaning work on the banks and in the water in Kahnawake

Routine cleaning work on the banks and in the water in Kahnawake

A children’s bike, mini-propeller, boat anchor as well as sewer cover and bits of wood and metal are some of the finds found deep in the bay, made by the sea passage of the St. Lawrence River.

It’s a public space for our community and everyone comes here. We still see a lot of rubbish and the water here has never been cleaned. There are a lot of local activities so we made sure to find thingsExplained Kanaki, director of the Environmental Protection General Bureau of Environmental Protection, Onawa Jacobs.

Each spring, members of the Mohawk community participate in routine cleaning chores. This time, they were accompanied by seven Urban Water Odyssey divers, led by filmmaker and explorer Nathalie Lasselin, to conduct the riverine research.

Over 600 kg of waste was removed from the river and banks during the clean-up process.

Photo: Facebook / Kahnawa: Environmental Protection Bureau

The water quality on Ticaquitha Island, located on the south shore of Montreal, looks very good. In recent years, the place has also been the subject of a restoration project to improve water flow and reduce sediment.

All the divers told me that there are a lot of fish and the visibility is relatively good. It’s a very big park, so we won’t have much focus for thingsAnd Mrs. Lasselin, who made the scouts before the divers came, recounted.

The Urban Water Odyssey has carried out its 20th cleanup on Saturday since its launch in 2018. Each cleanup brings its share of surprises. Lasselin said divers collect fishing rods, Hindu statues, bicycles, chairs and metal rods.

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awareness work

this is 360 degree cleaning process Also done in collaboration with 1000 tons mission and GRAME whose volunteers were active in banks with members of the indigenous community.

They mainly collected cans, bottles, plastic and coffee mugs.

In general, the place is still very clean. I am happy to see that the space and environment are cleaner than other places the expedition was visiting.

Quote from:Karen Cloutier, Ambassador for “Mission 1,000 Tons”

The forty or so participants removed 627 kg from the river and banks. The360 degree cleaning process In doing so, it exceeded its 10-ton target set a few years ago.

In addition to removing waste, clean-up work is also an opportunity to raise awareness and encourage others to do their part.

Every time you go to a park with divers, it attracts people and the curious. They are always amazed to see that there is so much litter and so much variety under the surface. It also characterizes imagination. I think our awareness work is also thereCatherine Hobart, General Manager of GRAME confirmed.

Other major cleanups will take place during the summer and fall in Greater Montreal.