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35 years ago, an unknown source was sending mysterious radio signals to Earth

35 years ago, an unknown source was sending mysterious radio signals to Earth

A puzzle for scientists. From space, a An unknown source regularly sends out strong radio signals In the direction of the Earth, the famous science magazine reveals nature. This phenomenon has occurred since then At least 1988. Researchers are unable to pinpoint the source of these emissions, the characteristics of which have not been seen before.

As mentioned The IndependentAnd bursts of energy, lasting 20 minutes, varying in intensity, have been noticed. These signals are sent frequently by this source. Earth will receive these signals for 35 years.

Although the source was only identified very recently, researchers have succeeded in pinpointing it Similar signalsin various intensities, have been transmitted from space to Earth for about thirty years through archival research.

Hypotheses to uncover the mystery

These emissions seem to correspond to waves coming from Pulsars, or “Fast Radio Bursts”.British media indicate that the capacity of these transmissions reaches 21 minutes.

However, this hypothesis surprises scientists, at the origin of this discovery. These sources generally emit waves Several seconds, not minutes, mostly. If this hypothesis turns out to be true, then it goes against the grain of scientific thought.

But the British media confirm that other methods are also under study. a A “white dwarf” or “magnetar” has a very high magnetic force That could be the reason. But these two phenomena are not used to sending out emissions of this kind, the researchers emphasized. So the mystery is far from solved.. “Only time will tell what is hidden in this data,” astrophysicist Victoria Caspi points out in the Nature article.

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