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Yves Jacques and Matthew Quesnel  Actors heart

Yves Jacques and Matthew Quesnel Actors heart

After a friendly crush on a movie set, Matthew Quesnel and Yves Jacques reunite onstage in the play Donkey sister, signed by the youngest of this funny “couple”. he meets.

When we play, we're always 20 years old. These days, veteran actor Yves Jacques is immersed in a project that reminds him of his beginnings at the Vieux-Théâtre de Québec, with Remy Girard, in the late 1970s.

“It is a pleasure to work with young people,” says the 67-year-old actor. I remember older artists, like Albert Miller or Gérard Poirier. In their sixties, they lamented the fact that the phone never rang, without daring to go to see young people's shows or ask them to work with them. It was another era. »

In his case, his meeting with Quesnel, who is 25 years his junior, took place – with a strong dose of humor and madness – during the filming of the film. From father to policeman 2, in 2016. “Yves fell in love with Mathieu during filming,” says director Emile Gaudreau. Matthew Free Electron. I think it awakened Eve's madness, which had been somewhat dormant…the desire to create, to take risks, to put oneself at risk. »

Photo by Marco Campanozzi, Press

Mathieu Quesnel

We were destined to become friends. We agree on many levels. We like the same things in art, and work halfway between comedy and drama. We are passionate about music. We're very serious about our bullshit. In addition, Eve has a very young heart. There is no issue of age difference between us.

Mathieu Quesnel

Twisted comedy

with Donkey sisterMathieu Quesnel presents an intimate play that he directs himself. A quirky comedy that tells the story of two men who decide to become roommates 10 minutes after meeting! And who will try to overcome anxiety and loneliness in their own way.

Yves Jacques loves his friend's way of writing, where comedic situations are mixed with everyday truth. “I would say that Mathieu is Claude Mounier's younger brother, in his tragic view of life and ordinary people.. »

Photo by Marco Campanozzi, Press

Yves Jacques: “It is a pleasure to work with young people.”

“I like it when the personal joins the timeless and the universal,” says the author. Eve's character is 70 years old. He is a worthy representative of the baby boom generation and their contradictions. “I’m 35, halfway between X and Y.”

“Seriousness in informality,” said Robert Gravelle, a motto that fits perfectly with the duo's ethos Ass sister. The two actors are playing together for the first time, although Jack was a part of it I'm mixed And based on a tripUnder the supervision of Quesnel.

Young heart

During the tour I'm mixedIn fact, Yves Jacques was filmed by his mates in a bar in Jonquière singing Purple rain In a moment of pure joy. “The gang made me eat magic mushrooms after the show,” he said. I was so excited…what aren't we going to do on tour? »

Did you say young heart?

In Espace libre from February 20 to March 2. The show is almost sold out already. See the Espace libre website for additional information and waiting list.

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Pirates draft in May

At the end of the pandemic, Mathieu Quesnel floated the idea of ​​founding a theater with flexible programming, Le Pirate. “I envision a den of making, whether a laboratory or a hybrid staging ground, to allow actors to experiment with art forms.” Journalism In 2022. Since then, the search for a new venue has been on hold, but not the idea of ​​experimenting on stage with multi-talented artists. Next May, his Pirates Project will bring together several performing arts creators during an event that will be as festive as it is crazy. “Cross-over between the Mondays of Ha! Ha!Black Ice Club And poetry night », is considered its instigator. The list of artists is not complete, but Yves Jacques will of course be there. In music, theatricality, and perhaps pantomime… as was the case in the days of the Vieux-Théâtre de Québec.

At Little Unicorn, May 2-11

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