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Kanye West says he was not banned from the Super Bowl by Taylor Swift

Kanye West says he was not banned from the Super Bowl by Taylor Swift

Kanye West assured him that he was never banned from the Super Bowl by Taylor Swift. A rumor spread the day after the big sporting event that took place last Sunday, in which the pop star, a loyal supporter of the Kansas City Chiefs, the team of her beloved Travis Kelce, attended, while the rapper was absent.

It was Brandon Marshall, a former NFL player, who launched this theory on his podcast Paper path. According to him, Kanye West had reserved seats directly in front of Taylor Swift's dressing room, and she then pressured her to prevent him from attending. A representative for Ye has since confirmed that “this rumor is fabricated.” Forbess. ” this is not true. “

Fifteen years of exile

There's unlikely to be a reason to take these rumors seriously, as the hatchet has never really been buried between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. We clearly remember the famous 2009 MTV Music Video Awards, where the rapper caused a stir, believing that Taylor Swift had stolen the victory from Beyoncé.

In 2016, he did it again with Famous. In a wave of paranoia that only he knows, Kanye West said in the first sentences of his song: “I'm always under the impression that me and Taylor should sleep together. Why? Because I made this bitch famous.”

The only difference from last decade when Kanye West ruled the roost is that Taylor Swift has since become the biggest music star in the world and clearly has bigger fish to fry.