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Your eyes, Kibs!  |  Montreal Magazine

Your eyes, Kibs! | Montreal Magazine

Friday, in his column dutyJean-François Lisi (who can be heard every day on the program I host on QUB, along with Marie Montpetit) published testimonials from teachers confirming that hatred, distortion and contempt for Quebecois culture and identity is going very well in our schools.

Excerpted from the teacher's testimony:

“While we were in the middle of a discussion about our values, one of the local students raised his hand to speak. That's when the whole group started laughing and booing, saying that the Kip family has no values ​​and that our girls and women are actually prostitutes.

“I quickly intervened and a tall man of North African origin interrupted me and said to me: ‘Ma’am, you cannot understand because the Kabs have no culture. You're doing white people things like going to the cabin and going skiing and you're not educating your kids.

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“Montreal is not bilingual enough.”

Jean-François Lisée's scathing — and depressing — column naturally sparked a groundswell of sympathy for Quebecers (message to people without a sense of humor: I'm being sarcastic here).

Here are some reactions collected here and there on X…

First, the letters are signed by Adam Brahimine, whose Twitter page displays the Algerian flag on the Canadian flag. (Most of his publications are written in English.)

“The more I read people's interventions on social media, the more I feel happy to see that opposition to 'indigenous people' is growing by the day. The time is drawing near when they will shut their mouths in Montreal and walk straight.

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“Native people” are rejected in their schools, and the matter is moving more and more in this direction. “We feel the beginning of a movement where more and more people will stand up and reject this French-speaking white bloc.”

“Forcing immigrants who settle in Quebec to learn French is forcing them to learn a language that will be of no use to them.” (sic)

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“Italian society is a role model. They refused to send their children to French-medium schools and sent them to English schools.”

Other reactions…

Journalist Salman (message in English): “During my stay in Montreal, I suffered from discrimination. “I love Montreal but this city needs to be more bilingual.”

Oh, because it's not enough?

Slazak: “Quebecers don't really speak French. “French speakers who come from other countries can’t even understand it.”

“Quebec is racist, backward, uneducated trash (this is the poetic name chosen by the user of this site) French is preventing Canada from moving forward.”

Useful idiots

And we can always count on the useful French-speaking idiots of the radical left to join this group – like Judith Lefebvre who, in the webzine the hubbooks:

“Quebec's choice is isolation and mediocrity. Quebec has a white supremacy problem.

Not bad right?