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You’ll soon be able to uninstall an Android app… even without a smartphone

You’ll soon be able to uninstall an Android app… even without a smartphone

Google is said to be working on an option to uninstall the app remotely, without the need for the device.

Google Play Store // Source: Frandroid

For people who spend more time on their computers than on their smartphones, the Google Play Store offers a very practical feature. It will actually allow you to install an Android app on the device you want, simply from a web browser. However, while this functionality is provided for downloading and installing applications, it does not currently allow you to uninstall an application remotely.

However, this may change very soon as reported by the site Robot body. The specialized site transmits a post published by the blog Spandroidin general, keeps up with the developments of Google applications.

The article thus points out that the latest update to the Google Play Services update system, in version 38.8, will allow, from the Google Play Store, to uninstall an application present on your smartphone:

Just as you can install apps on your connected devices like another Android smartphone, a Wear OS watch, Android Auto, or on your computer, you’ll be able to uninstall them remotely as well, but it’s not as simple as installing.

Therefore, this function should be located in the “Manage apps and devices” section of the Google Play Store, and then in the “Management” tab. The user can then select the device whose installed apps they wish to view, and can then manually uninstall each app.

A function that Google has not yet made official

Currently, this functionality is not available to all users. First of all, to activate it, you will need to activate certain options in the Play Store icon. Google has not made any announcement yet, and it is unknown when it will be rolled out generally to all users.

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However, the ability to uninstall apps from another device can be very handy for managing everything from a main computer or smartphone, without having to juggle your different devices.