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In Windows 11 and KB5032288, Microsoft is urgently fixing a Wi-Fi bug

In Windows 11 and KB5032288, Microsoft is urgently fixing a Wi-Fi bug

Within a few hours and given the scale of the problem, Microsoft published a fix for the Wi-Fi issue affecting Windows 11 computers. It is related to update KB5032288.

KB5032288, proposed as part of the December 2023 Patch Tuesday, is causing an issue in corporate and university networks. In the face of widespread reports, especially the position of some universities, Microsoft confirmed the failure. Affects the establishment of connections to WLAN networks according to the 802.11r standard. Many users reported that they could no longer connect to their university or company’s Wi-Fi network.

Windows 11 and Wi-Fi issues, fix rolling out

A few hours of patience were enough for Microsoft to release a solution. It takes the form of KIR, a contraction Know Iissue Rcom.olback. The giant fixes the issue by reverting the changes made by update KB5032288.

Redmond KIR is used to remotely control Windows functions on user systems if they are not security related. This way, an important problem can be solved quickly. However, there is one condition. Your computer must be connected to the Internet and utilizing the Windows Update service.

Microsoft’s changes to resolve this Wi-Fi issue are expected to be rolled out within the next 24 hours. If you want to speed up the process, it is recommended that you restart your computer so that Windows Update is prompted at startup. The other solution is Download the KIR package manually In the form of an MSI installer. This fixes the issue on offline devices.