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Battlefield 2042 Mayhem previewed on 3 new maps

Battlefield 2042 Mayhem previewed on 3 new maps

It’s the chaos we love

Electronic Arts just shared New Battlefield 2042 Trailer, giving a brief overview of the 3 maps that will be available at launch: an artificial oasis renewal, Very cold separation and rugged terrain neglected.

Upon release, Battlefield 2042 . will appear 7 cards described as huge, ideas to bear Games with 128 players (on next-gen PC and consoles) and a new and ambitious game mode Danger areaBattle Royale mode with extraction capability.

newly, DICE is back to lessons learned from Battlefield 2042 Open Beta that occurred earlier in the month, and reassured the players Missing features, while taking take their comments seriously. However, the studio was somewhat dodgy specialized system Which is clearly not unanimous, raise Enemies identification problems and regret Separation system Dear series.

by detecting The full list of 10 specialistsDICE hopes players will see where the Swedish studio is headed, describing this new way of playing Unprecedented freedom of personalization.

If all goes well, Battlefield 2042 will be available November 19 On PC, Xbox and PlayStation, with the ability to play from November 12 NS Gold and Ultimate Editions.

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