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WhatsApp blocks this very popular function

WhatsApp blocks this very popular function

To preserve their privacy and identity, WhatsApp has decided to block a function that is very popular among its users, but is often misused by malicious people. Bad for good!

One of WhatsApp's strengths is the security it offers you for messaging and the confidentiality it guarantees for your data. The app, in addition to being end-to-end encrypted, has a full range of functions to protect your privacy. However, one of your essential data remains exposed: your profile picture.

Not only does this photo allow friends and family to quickly recognize you, but it also often serves as the first point of contact for making new professional or personal connections. However, if you choose to post a photo of your face, you expose your photo to the view of malicious people, who can use it for identity theft or harassment, for example.

To do this, they just need to download it. So naturally, WhatsApp does not offer a specific button for this purpose, but it is possible, after clicking on the profile picture in question, to view it in a large format. All you have to do is take a screenshot so that the image is permanently stored in the smartphone's memory. From there, it can be manipulated at will and used in any way.

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But this will soon be a thing of the past! In a beta version of the iOS app, the WABetaInfo team discovered a new protection function. Thanks to this, when malicious people try to take a screenshot, they will receive the following error message: “This app does not allow screenshots”. Simple but effective! Obviously, smart people will always be able to take a screenshot with another device, but preventing capture directly from the app should discourage more than one person.

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This feature, which has been in development for several months, is supposed to significantly improve user privacy and reduce the risks associated with unauthorized sharing and distribution of personal photos. It's not currently available to the general public, but is expected to arrive in the coming weeks. In the meantime, to protect yourself, you can always limit your profile picture to only contacts or hide it completely.