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Kate Middleton is sick: The investigation continues to roil the United Kingdom

Kate Middleton is sick: The investigation continues to roil the United Kingdom

Shortly after Kate Middleton was hospitalized for stomach surgery at a London hospital last January, allegations emerged that one or more members of hospital staff attempted to access her personal medical records without authorization. Last March, Health Minister Maria Caulfield called for a police investigation into the breach, but the matter has not yet been referred to Scotland Yard. Daily Mail This June 1. “It is disappointing, but unfortunately normal, that after three months there is no update on the investigation.”Sam Smith of MedConfidential, a health data privacy advocacy group, added: “Data breaches are unfortunately common. It's rare for people to discover that a breach has occurred, it's rare to get the evidence to prove it, and even if they do, the process is very slow.”

However, to protect the medical data of VIP patients, hospitals often create “decoy” files that are regularly monitored by management to detect unauthorized access attempts. “They create a file under a false name for the VIP patient and another file under the real name of the patient is filled with false information”, explained Tom Llewellyn, data protection lawyer at Ashford. The London clinic, which is the subject of the current investigation, has not provided any information since the alleged breach was reported. “Investigations into reported data breaches can be very complex and our team of experts must be given sufficient time to complete their investigation. To protect the integrity of an ongoing investigation, we will not provide regular updates on its progress to those not directly involved. Its conclusion”, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) said. For its part, Kensington Palace indicated that the matter was the responsibility of the London Clinic, but did not comment further.

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Kate Middleton will feel “so much better.”

Ever since Kate Middleton announced she had cancer and suspended her royal duties, her every appearance has reassured the British public. A close friend of the princess recently revealed to Vanity Fair “Milestone Passed” In his treatment and to feel “Very wellThe Duchess of Cambridge, seen working alone or with her family, proves she's determined to maintain some normality in her life. Although her doctors have yet to give her the green light to return to public life, royal specialist Rebecca English confirmed. Daily Mail She has been spotted several times in recent weeks. In addition, the princess continues to work from home on the Early Childhood Project. However, according to government sources, he is unlikely to resume public activities before 2025, preferably on his full recovery.

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