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Highlighting best practices in physical literacy for youth

Highlighting best practices in physical literacy for youth

Physical activity. On the Move, Today and Forever, led by the Bromont National Cycling Centre, has created an educational program aimed at instilling better life habits and physical literacy for young people.

More than 1,800 people directly related to youth development will be trained by the end of June.

“In the fight against a sedentary lifestyle, many initiatives have already been launched by organizations, clubs and parastatal programmes,” declares the expert in sports performance and leadership, Yannick Morin from En Mouvement. To achieve their full potential, it is necessary not only to increase opportunities for physical activities, but also to raise awareness and train those who supervise young people. »

The organization will be present there by participating in various family activities during the summer. Training will also be offered to educational childcare settings closer to the start of the school year.

“Staying in direct contact with change actors during training is a great advantage,” continues Mr. Morin. This allows us the flexibility to adapt the content of our training to best meet needs. When parents, teachers, tutors, and coaches speak the same language regarding motor development and establishing good lifestyle habits, your chances of success multiply! Together, we can build an active and productive future for the next generation. »

In the coming months, an online training platform will be created.

The project primarily targets the Broome-Missiskoy and Haut-Yamaska ​​regions, but other regions have also shown interest.


The organization was founded a year ago.

It aims to work on four areas, namely reducing screen time, preventing premature specialization, inclusion, and environmental access.

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“The Istrian region is particularly pioneering in its approach to motivating young people,” commented Professor in the Department of Activity Sciences at UQAM and Co-Director of the Children’s Movement Research Laboratory. Having collaborated in particular with the Movement Committee, I am convinced that their initiatives and commitment will increase youth participation in activities and thus support them in developing their full potential. »