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Xbox will launch its own App Store on iPhone and Android in a few weeks

Xbox will launch its own App Store on iPhone and Android in a few weeks

Microsoft's schedule is moving forward: the alternative App Store that has been promised to smartphones for several years will arrive in July on iPhone and Android, but the giant's strategy seems strange.

We can easily forget it, but Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard also allowed the Redmond giant to take a piece of the successful King and the Candy Crush Saga. The company had promised that it wanted to create an alternative to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on smartphones.

During an interview given to BloombergXbox CEO Sarah Bond was able to say more about this new store, in particular to provide a timeline for its launch.

The first games offered on this Xbox Store

Sarah Bond has managed to express herself remarkably in the catalog that will be presented in this mobile game store. First, it will be about gaming the first side Also owned by Microsoft Candy Crush Saga, Maine Craft Or we photograph it too Call of Duty Mobile.

After this first phase, Xbox will open its store to other developers. They will also be able to submit their games. It seems that the company initially wants to dedicate its store to video games.

Online store?

There is a curious element in Sarah Bond's response related to the technological solution chosen by Microsoft. In fact, it refers to “We'll start with web, and we do that because it really allows us to have an experience that's accessible on all devices, in all countries, regardless of the ecosystem's closed store policies.“.

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Therefore, it appears that the store prepared by Microsoft does not benefit from the legislation in force in Europe to allow an alternative application store on the iPhone. Instead, the giant appears to be relying on web technology to deliver its alternative around the world. You'll have to wait to test yourself in practice to understand how the service works and its limitations.

Launching this summer

But what we know now is that the store will launch this summer. Indeed, Sarah Bond explained in her response that the launch is scheduled to take place in July.