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Your Xbox games on your phone?  Why not!

Your Xbox games on your phone? Why not!

If you have a recent Android or iOS device, as well as an Xbox controller, you can use your phone to play your Xbox games Remote play.

Remote play It's the easiest and fastest way to play Xbox games on iOS or Android without needing an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Of course, an Xbox controller and controller will be required to stream games to your Android or iPhone.

Image courtesy Microsoft

How do I do ?

(Note: The terms used here may not be exactly the same as those on your Xbox system)

  • Turn on your Xbox console
  • Press the Xbox button on the controller
  • Go to Profile access > System > Settings (or Settings) > Devices & connections > Remote features.
  • Find Power mode and select Quick start (immediately).

Now you need to pair your Xbox controller with your phone by following these steps:

  • Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings.
  • Press the pairing button on your Xbox controller for three seconds.
  • Find the Xbox controller on your phone in the list of pairable devices.
  • Select the Xbox controller to pair with your phone.

Once your Xbox controller is paired with your phone, follow these steps:

  • Download the Xbox app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Go to the Xbox app and sign in.
  • Select My Library > Controllers.
  • Select your Xbox controller to start Remote Play on your phone.

I listen !

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