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This magnificent crater bears witness to the existence of water ice on Mars

This magnificent crater bears witness to the existence of water ice on Mars

on mars,AtmosphereAtmosphere Thinness and absence of water do not allow corrosion processes to be very effective. Just windswinds It is slowly eroding, grain by grain, the barren terrain of the Red Planet. It is not enough to erase the effects of multiple impacts that puncture its surface. This is much better. Because these magnificent craters, with clear lines as if they had just been created, allow researchers to better understand nature geologygeology From March.

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Hitting ground saturated with frozen water

This is how you investigate ExomarsExomars Gas tracking It rotates in orbitIt rotates in orbit (TGO) has checked this matter A large hole located in Utopia Planitia. Thanks to CaSSIS Camera (Color and stereo surface imaging system))Thus, the probe was able to analyze the composition of the material dropped around the crater during the impact. The appearance of these projectiles already indicates thatasteroidasteroid Hit the ground composed largely of water ice. there heatheat Of the impact it was expected to be inairair A mixture of water liquidliquid And the dust that would have covered the area surrounding the crater.

Another evidence that water remained present on the Red Planet, especially in the form of ice in the Earth's interior, even after its lakes and oceans evaporated.