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Mayor of Saint-François Xavier de Brompton condemns the practices of Case Desjardins

Mayor of Saint-François Xavier de Brompton condemns the practices of Case Desjardins

“The Caisse Desjardins du Val-Saint-François generated a profit of $19 million for the last fiscal year. We may wonder what we think of this financial performance that was achieved, among other things, at the expense of several Quebec villages and their elders,” Adam Rousseau said on the networks Social media, without wanting to comment further on the situation, knowing that Desjardins is also a partner of the municipality in various projects.

According to the latest figures, the Desjardins Group recorded surpluses before member dividends of 2,259 million, an increase of 1,017 million (222%) compared to those for the 2022 financial year.

Rebate allocations from North America's largest mutual financial group reached $412 million, up $9 million from FY2022.

Rebates in the form of sponsorships, donations and scholarships are estimated at approximately $126 million, compared to $115 million (9%) in the previous fiscal year, of which $57 million comes from the Kiss Community Development Fund.

“At the same time, I learned that Desjardins' contribution to the Quebec National Festival in Saint-François had been radically reduced from $1,000 to $300, even though we were promised even greater support when the ATM closed. What is currently being done? Organizations in… This area is further proof that the credit unions that were already a source of pride for Quebec are today a bank like any other.

The organization Loisirs Saint-François-Xavier-de-Brompton, which oversees the national holiday event, declined to comment on the situation.

“I prefer not to comment on this matter. We have had Desjardins among our partners for several years, and we hope to continue this partnership in the coming years,” summed up Mathieu Cadieux, one of the directors of the organization.

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