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WWE: From the world champion to the door announces his departure!

WWE: From the world champion to the door announces his departure!

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WWE: From the world champion to the door announces his departure!

Published April 20, 2024 at 1:20 pm.

Passionate about sports, film and television (on screen and behind) since his childhood, Bernard has been a journalist at 10 Sport since 2018. More adept with the keyboard in his hand than with the ball on his feet, he decided to cover his essentially beloved sport that is both criticized and hated at the same time (soccer ) And it is not one sport (wrestling).

Rarely appearing on screens despite a start to 2024 indicating a resurgence for him, Jinder Mahal announced his departure from WWE. The former world champion, who beat Randy Orton in 2017, will leave the Wrestling Queen organization after making his final appearance over WrestleMania weekend.

Surprise winner of the 2017 WWE Championship, defeating… Randy Orton During the eventbacklash“, Gender Shop He will not have the opportunity to win a new title with the Queen of Wrestling organization in the near future, announcing his departure on social media. ” I stop. Maharaja is out », posted on X (formerly Twitter). The 37-year-old wrestler isn't the only one packing his bags WWE Also separates from Shea for me, Zion Quinn, Ver And Sanghathe last two are a team under the nameIndus Sharewith participation Gender Shop.

Preview with The Rock and Seth Rollins, leaving WWE

the beginning of the yearModern day Maharaja“He did not suggest an imminent departure, as he appeared noticeably during the first raw For 2024 side by side Dwayne Stone' Johnson. Returning to the forefront after nine months of absence, which allowed him to face immediate confrontation Seth Rollins for the world title, his last singles match on television.

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Last appearance before WrestleMania

He was seen briefly during Andre the Giant Battle Royal Memorial scheduled to smack down The day before Wrestlemania XL, Gender Shop So he played his last match on April 5, 2024 at the stadium WWE. We'll now have to wait at least three months before seeing him elsewhere in the ring, a period that aligns with a 90-day non-compete clause for talent leaving the company. This is not the first time that Gender Shop He said goodbye to WWEwith Oula leaving in the summer of 2014, before returning two years later.