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Would you dare to take a cruise lasting more than 1,300 days?

Would you dare to take a cruise lasting more than 1,300 days?

Villa Vie Residences will offer a cruise from May 2024 with a total duration of three and a half years and can be renewed, thus offering its clients the opportunity to spend more than a decade at sea.

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During the very long voyage of 1301, the MS Braemar, renamed Villa Vie Odyssey, will cross the waters calling at 425 ports located in 147 countries around the world.

At the end of the cruise, the company’s goal is to immediately restart a similar cruise, so that the cruise never stops.

It will have a capacity of 924 people.


They will have at their disposal about eight floors, three restaurants, eight bars, four lounges, a spa, a library and a dispensary.

According to Villa Vie Residences CEO, Mikael Patterson, “It is not a cruise, but more of a lifestyle, a home with a backyard that is constantly changing every day.”

Villa Vie Residences is not the first company to offer such an extended cruise, although this year Life at Sea offered a three-year cruise.

But this was canceled because the company was unable to purchase a ship.

Ticket prices for the 1,301-day cruise start at $97,000 USD ($130,000 CAD) for a charter cabin.


Stays that include only certain parts of the trip are also offered for those who are not willing to invest a lot of time in such an adventure.

It is also possible to book a cabin for 15 years, allowing these people to live for more than a decade at sea.