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Evacuation in Rawdon and citizens on alert in Rigaud

Thousands of residents have had to evacuate their homes after heavy rains in the past few days and others are preparing for the worst.

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About a dozen residences near the Ouareau River, in Rawdon, have been evacuated because the water level has risen too high.

Rawdon Mayor Raymond Rojo said firefighters visited the residences surrounded by water and suggested that residents leave their homes for shelter.

Rawdon is expecting a rise in water soon, since a dam in Chertsey has given way.

Compared to yesterday, the situation is getting worse. Yesterday the water was ankle deep and today firefighters walked the streets waist deep. “There is a good difference and we are still waiting for rain,” says Mr. Rogo.

The citizens of Rego are in preparation

Authorities note an upward trend near the Ottawa River, in Monterjee, with spring flooding.

They noted moderate flooding around the Quesnel Bay area.

The citizens of Rigo prepare for any possibility to avoid the worst.

“There are areas that have been flooded for more than three days. If people end up exhausted and we want them to be evacuated, we want to be ready to take them in,” commented the director of the Rigaud Fire Department, Sylvain Brazo.

To this end, six sandbag sites are available to the public, a 24-hour civil security emergency line has been set up, and a shelter is about to be set up at the Collège Bourget.

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“The accommodation center will offer 20 places and will be available only to the poor and those who have not planned an evacuation plan,” Sylvain Brazeau specifies.