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Worms rained down on a passenger: Plane had to turn back on Tuesday

Worms rained down on a passenger: Plane had to turn back on Tuesday

A nine-hour flight from Amsterdam to Detroit was forced to turn around Tuesday when maggots began falling on a passenger's head from the overhead bin where a rotting fish lay.

“The woman behind her told the flight attendants that worms were falling on her head. 'I turned around and they were squirming in the seat… very disgusting,'” a passenger on a Delta flight testified on Reddit on Tuesday, according to Sky News.

It is likely that a piece of luggage containing rotten fish escaped security inspection on Tuesday before ending up on the plane that was scheduled to leave Amsterdam in the morning heading to Detroit in the United States.

Because after only one hour of flight, worms began falling on the head of one of the passengers, who then rushed to inform the flight attendants.

It was then that they allegedly discovered a rotten fish in one of the cabin luggage.

“It's really nice to spend a couple of hours in.” [vol] We discovered that there were rotten fish and worms traveling with us,” said a second passenger named Kelsey, who expressed her regret that she was taken seriously, as she would have confirmed according to the British media.

For its part, the airline confirmed this disgusting discovery, noting that it immediately turned around.

“We apologize to the customers of AMS-DTW Flight 133 whose flight was interrupted due to incorrectly packed carry-on baggage. […] The plane returned to the gate and passengers were put on the next available flight.”

Delta added in writing that the aircraft in question had been “removed from service for cleaning.”

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According to the first passenger, the man who owned the luggage remained seated when all passengers left the plane. But it is unclear whether he will face any consequences for forcing the plane to change course.