[ESPACE ROGUET] Youth and Regional Cultural Action: Camera Views – Opening and Exhibition Espace Roget, 9 May 2022, Toulouse.

[ESPACE ROGUET] Youth and regional cultural work: camera views – opening and exhibition
From Monday 9 May to Friday 3 June at Espace Roget
_ “My name is Salvador, I’m exactly 20. _ _ I’d like to create a third art, a third gender. _ _ One day I’ll be a painter, an actor and a speculator, a lady being and a man. Who knows?” _** “Salvador” ** ### [**Regards Caméra**](https://openagenda.com/espace-roguet/events/espace-roguet-action-culturelle-jeunesse-and-territoire-regard-camera) ** – Exhibition from May 9 to June 3 ** ### ** Vernissage Performance and Exhibition on May 14 at 6 pm ** The cultural mediation project proposed by the Provincial Council of Haute-Garonne, Le Tracteur à Cintegabelle and En Compagnie des Barbares _Regards Caméra_ interrogates young people through the production of photographs and literary portraits for young people between 17 and 25 years old . A group of 10 young people from Toulouse and Chingabel have gathered since October 2021 around the writing and theatrical work of “En cie des Barbares” and the young photographer Florian Brancheau, winner of the initial ministry grant. The word for young people. They are invited to reflect on the issues of their generation. From their photos in the form of short texts called “camera scenes” and photographs taken on the spot, these young people from different social and regional backgrounds will meet their eyes. ** Come and discover this group of young people, as part of the opening of an extraordinary exhibition, on Saturday 14 May at the Espace Roguet at 6 pm. ** Practical Information – CULTURAL SEASON ESPACE ROGUET Living and Visual Arts Department – Department Department by Haute-Garonne [[[email protected]](mailto: [email protected])](mailto: [email protected]) / cultures.haute-garonne.fr 05 34 45 58 30 – Show days on 05 62 86 01 67
Entry is free within the limits of the available places, according to the applicable health protocol.
Opening of the extraordinary exhibition of Regard Camera

Espace Roguet 9 rue de Gascogne 31300 Toulouse Toulouse Toulouse Left Bank Haute-Garonne

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