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Les tests ne seront plus systématiquement remboursés par la sécurité sociale à partir de ce vendredi 15 octobre.

Covid-19: 14 active groups in the Pays de la Loire

The tests will not be systematically reimbursed by Social Security as of Friday, October 15. (© Illustration / Orne Weekly)

Regional Health Agency Pays de la Loire Provide a new update on the Covid-19 pandemic. She continues to call for vigilance and prepares to start a flu vaccination campaign.

14 groups in the Pays de la Loire

Maine-et-Loire sees its incidence fall back below the 50 cases per 100,000 residents level. Only Mayen remained higher at 56.3. Sarthe is located at 32.5.

14 groups It was revealed in Baie de la Loire. 8 were detected in health centers and six abroad. Dance/tea balls were at the origin of the groups in Mayin and others Lower Atlantic.

ARS remembers that even though a file is displayed Health pass During this type of event, vigilance should still be essential.

13 closed chapters in Sarth

On the schools side, we define 13 closed semesters In Sarth vs. 9 last week. in all 55 categories In the Pays de la Loire region. While mask-wearing is no longer mandatory for students from various districts (except for Mayenne), the number of cases has not increased dramatically. Notes that “the situation is under control” Sophie Bogecho Chief of Staff of the Directorate.

Regarding the vaccination of children aged 12/17 years, 74% of them received the two doses in Pays de la Loire.

Flu vaccination will start soon

The challenge for ARS is to continue to vaccinate the elderly. Benoit James, a public administration consultant for the ARS, explains that people over the age of 85 are “8 times more likely to be hospitalized” due to Covid-19.

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The “Go to” device for the influenza vaccination campaign will start at the end of October. “We will be setting up mobile units that can travel to homes or there will be appointments to take them to the vaccination center. So the goal is to be able to do a double vaccination.

A free number will be provided to the public: 0800730957.

The end of the free systematic test

Friday, October 15 marks a turning point. This is the end of the free systematic tests. This will be free Under certain conditions.

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