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In Rennes, pop culture in all its forms at Geek Days - Rennes

In Rennes, pop culture in all its forms at Geek Days – Rennes

In a couple of days, about 15,000 visitors are expected for Geek Days. A fourth edition gathers a hundred models around pop culture. By crossing the doors of the festival, like a spatio-temporal portal, one is fast into the atmosphere. We wander the corridors, and come across all kinds of characters and heroes from the world of comics, TV series or cinema. A true parallel universe, spanning nearly 8000 square metres, where visitors can also find a village dedicated to Star Wars, another village for the superheroes of Marvel comics, or even escape games on a medieval theme. Video games are also very present in competitions especially football or vintage games with arcade game stations. Meetings are also organized with web personalities such as YouTubers Benzaie, Ganesh2 or Jessy MP4.

family cosplay

Among the various activities offered, cosplay is one of the highlights of Geek Days. This practice, which developed in Japanese pop culture, consists of dressing up a manga, sci-fi or video game character (cos) to personify and role-play (play). Among the lovers of discipline is the family of Julien de Vitré (35). The parents, nicknamed the witch Agatha Harkness and Captain America, and their three children Thor, Professor X and Doctor Strange came dressed as Marvel heroes. “It was our children who brought us into the world of cosplay. They put on their costumes and little by little, we started with my husband. We are now taking part in conferences across France since 2019 and have also created an association around cosplay. People are happy to see us as a family. We are called the Marvel family. It’s a thing Fun, plus you meet a lot of people. When we see the smiles of parents and children taking pictures, it is great and our reward”, explains mother Isabel, in real life.

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On the occasion of Geek Days, a costume contest gathered about fifteen participants on stage on Saturday. Since 2016, there has also been a French tournament in the field of discipline, which brings together the best cosplayers in France every year.