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Windows 11, Microsoft introduces tabs in Notepad

Windows 11, Microsoft introduces tabs in Notepad

Microsoft has been providing a significant update to the Notepad app for Windows 11 a few hours ago, and it is being rolled out as part of the Windows Insider program and is only targeting PCs registered on the DEV channel.

This update allows the original application of the operating system to evolve to version 11.2212.33.0. This is an important modification as Microsoft introduces support for tabs. This hack is so big on Microsoft’s roadmap that it previously found its way to another very popular Windows 11 app, File Explorer.

As surprising as it may come, Notepad remains one of the “star” Windows applications. It’s practical and fast to track a job, appointment, meeting, or even keep ideas, codes, a quick schedule, or just a simple text. So it’s not surprising that Microsoft made a big splash with this support for tabs.

Windows 11, Notepad supports tabs

This novelty was first discovered last December. Tabs are now available to all users who are registered in the Windows Insider Program development channel. Allows you to run multiple instances of an application in the same window.

Microsoft explains

With this update, we are introducing support for multiple tabs – the most requested feature by the community – where you can create, manage and organize multiple files in a single Notepad window! You can also continue working with files in multiple windows by dragging a tab into its own window, and the new app setting lets you customize which files open in new tabs or a new window by default.

In parallel, the company offers the same keyboard shortcuts as those in its browser to manage tabs. We are on the DEV channel so there are some known issues. It calls for fixes that will be introduced through new releases.

We are aware of some issues that may affect your experience with this preview. Some users may experience issues with certain keyboard shortcuts, and we will also continue to improve performance to ensure that Notepad continues to meet our high standards for performance, reliability, and compatibility.