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Windows 11: Microsoft changes the list of supported processors

Windows 11: Microsoft changes the list of supported processors

Microsoft has just updated the list of officially supported processors for Windows 11. Interestingly, the giant is reintroducing Intel processors that it removed earlier this year.

Windows 11 comes with more stringent system requirements than Windows 10. These changes are so significant that they make millions of Windows 10 PCs ineligible for the upgrade. Meanwhile, there is an ultimatum that support for Windows 10 will end soon. It is clear that within two years, dozens, if not hundreds of millions of machines will find themselves abandoned. They will have to work with a weak operating system and without a security patch.

Microsoft explained that these changes in system requirements were related to security and reliability. If you’re using Windows 10, you can check if your hardware configuration meets these needs by running the Microsoft PC Health Check app. Third party tools such as WhynotWin11 can also be used.

Microsoft publishes its own Processor lists Supported on its website. These publicly available listings are for Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm chipsets. They are useful because they are important documents for organizations, manufacturers, and individuals who want to know if a particular processor is compatible.

Windows 11 refuses to install if a wizard is present that is not in these lists. There are ways to get around these limitations but they inevitably come with more or less significant problems. Tools like Rufus allow you to generate operating system installation keys by bypassing these restrictions.

Windows 11, supported processor lists

Microsoft’s last intervention on its user level was to delete 44 references last August. This has come as a surprise because PCs running Windows 11 have found themselves incompatible without explanation. Fortunately, this amendment did not create general chaos.

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DiscModer I’ve just noticed a step backwards on Microsoft’s part. The company has reintroduced these processors. The company did not provide any explanation and this approach was carried out discreetly. It is possible that this deletion was originally an error.

Affected devices will not experience any issues during the next upgrade. It is officially called Windows 11 2023 Update.