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Windows 11 Build 25314 is available, what’s new?

The Canary channel for the Windows Insider Program is hosting its first preview of Windows 11, build 25314. It’s available for a few hours, and introduces some new features.

As a reminder, the Canary channel starts on branch 25000 of Windows 11 while the Dev channel remains on branch 23000. It’s also important to remember that the different builds are “hot and boiling” i.e. very little validation and come with very little “documentation”. At this point, the company specifies that posting on its blog will only take place if there are new functions in the game.

Windows 11 Build 25314 highlights

Going back to build 25314, Microsoft is adding keyboard shortcuts for many “contextual” items in File Explorer.

Access key is a one-key shortcut that allows you to quickly execute a command in the context menu. Each access key corresponds to a letter in the display name.

be careful This feature is not available if your file explorer displays a pizza icon. This indicates that this is a new version of File Explorer that is currently being tested. You can read our news about it: Windows 11 Build 25309 is available for download, what do you want to know?

File recommendations link to the File Explorer home page. They are supposed to fetch the most relevant file contents.

This feature is available to users who are signed in to Windows with an Azure Active Directory (AAD) account. Featured files are cloud files associated with that account, owned by the user, or shared with the user.

Windows 11 Build 25314 – LSA Protection

We also have LSA (Local Security Authority) protection. Its purpose is to provide protection against theft of credentials used to log in. It serves to make it impossible to execute unauthorized code in the LSA process. It also prevents memory dumping. Giant specifies that the review is done in advance to ensure there are no incompatibilities. If so, LSA protection is activated automatically.

Narrator picks up updates for its Outlook support when it starts. There are no add-ons but this work allows for updates through the Microsoft Store.

Finally, the Remote Mailslot protocol is no longer activated by default in order to enhance the security of the operating system.

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