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Windows 11 build 22610 comes with new bugs, review

Windows 11 build 25136 is available, Microsoft rolls out an important new feature

Microsoft has released a new preview of Windows 11. It’s available for a few hours, and it’s aimed at PCs registered on the DEV channel of the Windows Insider Program.

So, Windows 11 build 25136 is now available for download. We have many things, one of the most notable of which is the tabs access to the file explorer.

This breakthrough is not necessarily a surprise because it has been expected for years. It is even one of the most popular requests from the Windows community. Microsoft has already made the first attempt. Attempted under Windows 10 with groups entry. Unfortunately the tests resulted in the functionality being removed and its development halted.

Windows 11 build 25136, some known issues.

Added to this are many other improvements. We also have known issues. For example, installing it on your Surface Pro X can cause a black screen when trying to wake up from hibernation.

Microsoft reports that a fix is ​​in progress. Pending its publication, the company simply advises against installing this version 25136 on Surface Pro X

Windows Insiders with Surface Pro X encounter a black screen when resuming from hibernation with this build. You’ll need to run a cycle (extended power button off) to regain control. On these devices, it is recommended that you hold off updates until a patched version is available.

At the same time, it is possible that stopping certain configurations via the Start menu will lead to a restart. Finally we also have some display issues.

We are investigating reports that the mica texture and acrylic blur effect are not rendering correctly in certain parts of the operating system (Start Menu, Notification Center, and other areas). We’re investigating reports that shutting down via the Start menu doesn’t work for some Insiders and unexpectedly restarts the computer.