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Addicted to TikTok?  The application creates new functions to limit its use

Addicted to TikTok? The application creates new functions to limit its use

TikTok, one of the properties of the Chinese group ByteDance, already has a function to limit the time spent daily on the application. We can now choose a period after which we commit to interrupting his class of videos to take a break instead.

A new section of the app will also collect data on daily screen time, informing users of consumption habits related to apps. There we will see, for example, how many times per day we open the application and how much time we spend there day and night.

Having a positive relationship with electronic devices and applications is not just about measuring screen time; It is also the feeling that we are in control of our use of technologythe company says in a blog post.

The social network also announced a scale intended for its young audience, which is 13-17 years old. If someone in this age group has used the app for more than 100 minutes in a day, a sign will appear reminding them that there is a tool that can limit their daily screen time the next time they use TikTok.

Tech companies have been creating features for years to keep up with some users’ trend of disconnecting, offering them services that measure screen time, among other things.

Apple recently announced new features that make it easier for parents to manage kids’ screen time.

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