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“Constellation”: Noomi Rapace, lost in quantum space, with Schrödinger's cat

“Constellation”: Noomi Rapace, lost in quantum space, with Schrödinger's cat

It all starts on a snow-covered road in Sweden. Jo (Noomi Rapace) sits behind the wheel, with her daughter Alice (played alternately by Rosie and Davina Coleman) in the back. The approaching police car worries him. An audio recording broadcasts exchanges of messages between astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Arriving at the chalet, Jo puts Alice to bed, before she hears a voice calling to her in the arctic night. Here is Jo back earlier, when she was on a mission to the space station, before a dramatic incident occurred.

The station must be evacuated, but the Soyuz emergency capsule cannot accommodate the entire crew. Joe, the boss, remains on board, and has less than 24 hours to repair the second emergency capsule. On Earth, her husband Magnus (James D'Arcy) travels with their daughter Alice to the crisis center in Baikonur. American official Henry Caldera (Jonathan Banks, from Too bad), seems more interested in the cylinder containing the results of a quantum experiment than in Joe's survival. Russian official Irina Lysenko (Barbara Sokwa) seems to be guessing something.

An ambitious series

After replaying and expanding Space Invasion in Alternate Mode for four seasons with For all humanityApple TV is revisited in a way that's great for the ambitious constellation. Co-produced in Germany, and partly shot in a studio in Berlin and on natural locations in Finland, the series puts a little European angle in this context that Apple TV loves (let us cite, on the sci-fi side, the excellent film institution And silo). The series is written by British writer Peter Harness (the writer responsible for the final two seasons of the series). And the rarest).

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The first three episodes (out of eight) available still hide all their mysteries. It is efficiently executed by Michelle McLaren, who worked on it Too bad And game of thrones. The first feeling brings back memories gravity (The Space Incident and the Mother's Quest) and Solaris (Joe Ho Lost in space literally). It's hard to say more but we quickly realize that the experiment that obsessed the American world had consequences.

Is the cat dead or alive?

Evidence: A cat on the doorstep. He stands next to her corpse. Could this cat be Erwin Schrödinger's (1887-1961) cat? The Austrian physicist, one of the fathers of quantum physics, conceived a so-called thought experiment. A cat is locked in a box in which a vial containing poison fatal to the animal can be broken with a hammer. Catalysis occurs when the atom decays. The fate of the cat is linked to the fate of the corn. Question: Until the box is opened, is the cat dead or alive? The quantitative answer is astonishing and appears in the series for Joe. Hopefully the mechanics don't lead to a plot twist.

constellation Speculative science fiction The string you created Peter Harness with Noomi Rapace, Jonathan Banks, James D'Arcy, Barbara Sokwa… Camel 3 episodes, then one episode every Wednesday until 03/27/19