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Why is EA Sports FC, the successor to FIFA 23, causing such a bad buzz already?

Why is EA Sports FC, the successor to FIFA 23, causing such a bad buzz already?

With the release of the first official trailer, Electronic Arts expected social media to react – but certainly not in this way.

The clock is ticking for publisher Electronic Arts, and we’re soon entering a “money time.” In fact, his epic title changed FIFA to turn into EA Sports FC, after breaching his contract with FIFA, is no small feat. Therefore, it is a matter of not wasting time before its launch, which is rumored to be on September 29, to get the name of the variant on everyone’s mind as soon as possible. With the release of the first official trailer, EA had to wring its hands in advance, thinking about interaction on social networks and creating enthusiasm.

Own goal

Unfortunately, the video was not the center of attention for long. He seemed to confirm a bigger player, both on and off the field, giving weight to the rumors about a mixed FUT mode, but he didn’t show much – except for a great goal from Vinicius Jr., making use of the new 3D engine, dubbed Hyper Motion V.

All eyes then turned to the cover of the Ultimate Edition, which brings together the cream of world football’s past, present and future. In addition to the notable absence of Kylian Mbappe, the future remains uncertain at the club, the central presence of Erding Haaland confirms her choice of a new ambassador. But that is not the question.

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Skin reactions

Netizens were already surprised by the poor quality of soccer stars. Faces are sometimes compared to those in the game sims, from the same publisher, or simulations released in the early 2000s. The use of “in-game” models, which may have been hastily revised later, led to a rather disappointing result.

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Another aspect that has particularly irked the community: the near-confirmation of the FUT mode mix-up. It’s quite funny the realism opposed to this possibility, inasmuch as the recent promotion of Shape Shifters (Metamorphosed in French) has presented completely delirious off-duty players, with the goalkeepers on offense in particular. Finally, we will especially remember that a full presentation will be presented on July 13th. We imagine an opportunity for EA to correct the shot.

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