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Whole Committee: The giant tram project will be ready to weather the storm

The schedule of the Quebec Streetcar Public Commission is now known. Every aspect of the massive transportation project will be covered during this important four-hour “update” on Monday.

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The magazine has its hands on the meeting’s agenda, and hasn’t leaked many details since its March 10 announcement.

The municipal administration and its project office will face music and listen to the grievances and concerns of the municipal council members during a question period of more than an hour for the conclusion of the Whole Committee, between 11:55 am and 1:00 pm. evening.

The meeting scheduled for 9 a.m. is crucial for the future of the project, as it will precede a crucial vote aimed at endorsing the Executive Committee’s recommendation to award the contract to build the trams to the French multinational Alstom for a sum of $569 million.

The deliberation will take place during the municipal council meeting, on Tuesday. Mayor Bruno Marchand’s team needs a majority of 22 votes to move forward.

Too few to tip the scales alone, the elected representatives of Québec Forte et Fière will have to convince the other members of the assembly to support the executive’s decision by assuaging their concerns.

Take away all the stones

On Monday, a twenty-minute presentation on strategic planning will open the ball after a speech by Mayor Marchand.

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The city will continue its explanations about the costs of the project, before addressing the matter of the procurement process for infrastructure and rolling stock.

It will then return to the preparatory work for the tram site in the sectors of Saint-Roch, Montcalm, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Vieux Limoille, Maizerte and Sainte-Foy. Details of the media campaign surrounding the mega project have also been planned.

A 20- to 30-minute question period will occur after each item on the schedule to allow elected officials to seek clarification.

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