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Who avoided Mark Bergevin?

Who avoided Mark Bergevin?

Lou Lamoreello won the cup. To determine the winner, the National Hockey League conducted a vote among 31 district general managers, to which it added a pool of 5 NHL managers and 5 members of the media. However, 19 of them gave their vote to Bergvin.

If so, there would be no questioning. It is a matter of personal choice.

13 times in the beginning

Where it gets intriguing is when we look at the distribution of votes.

Thus Sweet Law obtained 30 electors, distributed as follows: 12 of them gave him first place in the vote; Another 13 put him in second and 5 put him in third.

Mark Bergevin, dominated the poll with 13 first-place votes. amazing thing. It’s more than just Lamorillo.

But beware! Only 4 voters put him in second place, and 2 in third. This means that 22 of the 41 people who were invited to vote ignored it completely.

Do you find, like me, that there is an inexplicable contrast between a lot of recognition and a lot of disinterest?

How could it be better in the eyes of 13 voting members and completely devoid of merit in the eyes of 22 others?


The more pragmatic would tell me that the 22 who apparently ignored Bergfen may have put him in fourth or fifth. It’s not impossible, I admit.

But from the first to the fourth, there is already a large margin! Talk to the athletes who end up at the foot of the podium.

No, you see, I have more of the impression that the Brotherhood of General Managers is not … that brotherhood.

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I doubt, for example, that Carolina Hurricanes general manager Don Waddell was too eager to give Bergévin his vote after he pitched against Sebastian Aho.

I also doubt that Columbus Blue Jackets’ general manager, Jarmo Kekalainen, automatically voted for Bergvin after Max Dome handed him over.

À Vancouver, Jim Benning s’est fait reprocher toute l’année de n’avoir même pas fait d’offre à Tyler Toffoli à l’issue de la saison 2020. Marc Bergevin a obtenu Toffoli pour une chanson (17 millions de dollars pour four years). Do you think Benning voted for Berggen?

I could add Kevin Sheffieldev, of the Jets, from which Bergivine snatched Ben Chiaroot and Joel Jeremiah, whom the Canadian had just ousted at voting time.

No. NHL CEOs preferred to vote for Sweet Lou.

This is really good. Because we don’t pay Bergevin to be Sweet.