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“When something happens to a player, we want to defend him.”

“When something happens to a player, we want to defend him.”

The Canadiens snatched a big win from the Blackhawks in their first home game of the season on Saturday night, particularly by showing great teamwork.

The crowd jumped to its feet in the first period when Josh Anderson and Arber Cicaj came to the defense of club star Cole Caufield, who had just been roughed up by a Hawks player.

After two matches, it is already clear that the players stick together, especially when the opponent is aggressive.

“The players are together, the chemistry is in the room, we enjoy playing together, sitting on the bench, there are a lot of emotions,” striker Rafael Harvey-Benard confirmed after the match, in the “post-match”.

He continued: “Right now, we support each other, and when something happens to a player, we want to defend him, and stand in the group.”

It was also important for the team to emerge from this opening match with its first victory in the 2023-2024 season.

“The first game is at home, the fans are in good condition, we want to go get it for them,” the Quebec striker explained. “We were a little nervous at the end, but we defended ourselves well.”

Harvey Benard took the opportunity to throw flowers at goalkeeper Samuel Montembault, who made 28 saves in the win.

He said: “He played a great game tonight, and made some important saves for us.” “He’s a Quebecois player who plays for the Canadian team. He’s had such success, and I’m happy for him.”

Finally, “RHP” also admitted that he was impressed by the skills of the Blackhawks’ new sweetheart, Connor Bedard.

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“He will definitely score a lot of points in his career, you can see that immediately,” he admitted. He moves the ball well, has a good shot, and is very difficult to block. “Obviously I’m convinced he’s going to have an amazing career.”

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