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It is said that Shane Wright fell into the draft due to bad posture

It is said that Shane Wright fell into the draft due to bad posture

One of the biggest surprises in the latest NHL draft is undoubtedly Shane Wright’s slip. For years, the youngster has been told that he will be the first person to be chosen in 2022.

Not only was he not chosen first, he was not chosen second or third either.

Since then, many have speculated about the reasons for his downfall. One thought is that Wright’s position was not appreciated by many teams. In the weeks leading up to the selection, he also showed himself too confident to leave first.

Then, during the replay, we had a tangible example of this arrogance as the center stared at the Canadian table when he was on stage.

Since then, he has denied it, but we must admit that the evidence against him is rather strong …

But information from reliable sources began to spread.

Chris Peters is a journalist writing today for Flohockibut it also worked Daily Dysoff, ESPN, CBS Sports And the Hockey USA. It also hosts a podcast called modern hockey sensation. In his latest podcast, he talks about the reasons for Wright’s downfall and his former guest scout supporter Matt Moran.

He talks about it after about 25 minutes.

According to Peters, the Kingston Frontenacs player looked bad during sum From the NHL:

I heard that Shane Wright’s scheme did not go well in several different respects. The interviews were very detrimental to his order of selection. He had been told for a long time that he would be the first choice for which it was unreasonable for anyone else to be taken before him.

According to his information, Wright had a bad attitude, which would have frightened many teams.

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However, this was not only taken into account. Many would have been disappointed by his performance on the ice. Even if the 2021-2022 season is good, Antarian will not dominate enough in the eyes of some, who have also criticized him for a certain apathy.

Although he has been attacked for his comments, that is exactly the point that Grant McCague has made in recent months.

There were already questions about his game during the season, and then it hurt him a lot.

-Chris Peters

Some use the fact that he didn’t play hockey in 2020-21 as the reason for Wright’s somewhat disappointing season last year, but it’s not like Wright was forced to sit down. He could have done like many others and spent his season in Europe.

According to Peters, who also quotes the famous Elliot Friedman, the teams questioned the center’s willingness to compete because he refrained from playing elsewhere:

He was also questioned by several teams about the fact that he had not played in Europe when OHL canceled his season due to Covid. Several CHL players like Conor Bedard and Brandt Clark did, but not him.

This is an excellent point here. Yes, Wright didn’t play and that definitely affected his game.

But why didn’t he play in Europe, where he could have continued to develop?

Both men cite the example of Mason McTavish, a third overall pick in 2021 who they say would not have been picked so highly had he not played in Switzerland when the OHL canceled his season.

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Since the Canadian Juraj Slafkovsky was first selected in general, the team has repeatedly said that he was particularly impressed with the character of the young man, who would have been excellent during interviews and impressive from a psychological point of view. for display.

Since he was 15, Shane Wright has been told time and time again that he will be the first choice for the 2022 NHL auction. Could it have given him so much confidence?

Sure, and it seemed like he was so problematic that three teams, despite his great talent, ignored him.

Many of

A victory that does a lot of good for Montreal.

Joel Edmondson wanted to highlight the departure of his teammates.

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(credit: Instagram)

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