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WhatsApp will finally solve the biggest chat archiving problem

WhatsApp will finally solve the biggest chat archiving problem

WhatsApp will include a major new feature related to privacy. The latest beta, available through TestFlight, improves chat archiving where users can store chats to hide them from the home screen.

WhatsApp already has a chat archive, but it’s not as useful as you think. Although the feature allows for storing conversations, every time a user receives a message from an archived conversation, they return to the main chats page with the rest of the conversations. With new cat archives, Cats don’t show off No notification of any kind will be sent when the sender sends a message.

The Archived Chats section will be at the top of the main screen. Unfortunately, WhatsApp won’t let you hide it. It will also indicate the number of recorded conversations and mentions made by a group member.

The user will be able to choose whether they want to keep the archived chats in this section. Or return to the home page الصفحة as soon as they receive a new message. The profile can be configured from the “Chats” section of the settings of the application itself.

This new feature is expected to arrive on WhatsApp in the coming weeks. The new will be implemented in an update that will, in most cases, be downloaded automatically via the App Store.

WhatsApp security improvements (rare)

This new feature isn’t the only privacy feature coming to WhatsApp. According to Wabetainfo, the messaging app will add an “invisibility mode”. This option is available in the privacy settings of WhatsApp, It will allow you to delete chat history automatically. And after reading the recipient.

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Currently, the Facebook-owned app already has some privacy-related features. Users trying to access WhatsApp Web Confirm the connection with Face ID or Touch ID.. You can also activate the screen lock so that the app asks you for access before logging in to the app.

WhatsApp still maintains the controversial privacy policy, although the company has confirmed that it will not restrict the accounts of users who do not agree to the new terms.