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What time of day is your exercise most beneficial?

What time of day is your exercise most beneficial?

Should we train in the morning, afternoon or evening? A new study from Australia It shows that it will be beneficial to be physically active after 6 pm to increase your lifespan.

Researchers from the University of Sydney, Australia, analyzed 30,000 people over the past eight years. The researchers found that the most beneficial time for people with obesity to engage in physical activity is between 6pm and midnight.

Moreover, these benefits are not only noticeable in intense training sessions. They say that if your heart rate is high enough and you stop breathing for a few minutes, that's also good for your health.

“It can be any exercise. “Whether it's a brisk walk up the stairs, or even a run to clean the house,” Dr. Matthew Ahmadi, of the National Heart Foundation, told the New York Post.

According to the study, the duration of exercise does not have to be long to be effective. Just 3 minutes of shortness of breath where your heart rate is high and your session is beneficial.

Raising your heart rate for several minutes throughout the day can be much more beneficial than a longer workout followed by sitting in a chair for long hours, according to their research.

Dr. Matthew Ahmadi explains, “Exercise is the solution to combating obesity, but the study indicates that people who can plan their physical activity at certain times of the day can reduce the risks.”

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