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Prison sentence for stealing Joe Biden's daughter's memoirs

Prison sentence for stealing Joe Biden's daughter's memoirs

An American woman who pleaded guilty to stealing and selling Joe Biden's daughter's memoirs while he was running for the US presidency has reportedly received a one-month prison sentence after being severely reprimanded by a judge.

“[Ces actions étaient] “Despicable and therefore extremely dangerous,” Judge Laura Taylor Swain said Tuesday, without mincing her words, in federal court in New York, according to the BBC.

Thus, the accused, Amy Harris (41 years old), headed to prison, where she will spend the next month before continuing her sentence at home for the next three months, the judge ruled, after she pleaded guilty to conspiracy aimed at transporting stolen goods across state borders in 2022. .

Because in 2020, when Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the presidential race, his daughter Ashley Biden stayed with a friend in Delray Beach, Florida, where she allegedly kept a diary and other personal items on the premises.

At the same time, the defendant obtained permission from the owner to remain in the building and found the item that she was going to immediately try to sell, along with her partner Robert Kurlander, to the presidential campaign of her competitor Donald Trump. According to the BBC.

She would then pitch the proposal to Project Veritas, a hardline conservative group known for its support of the Republican billionaire and its media stunts involving doxxing, which would have taken the bait, AFP previously reported.

In addition to the prison sentence, the forty-year-old woman from Palm Beach will have to forfeit the $20,000 she would have earned from selling the newspaper, the judge ruled.

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Prosecutors responded in their incriminating memorandum, saying that “stealing the personal property of a candidate's family member and selling it to an organization to exploit for political purposes is wrong and illegal, regardless of political agenda,” arguing that the actions were motivated by money. And politics, according to the BBC.

For her part, the forty-year-old woman apologized to the president’s daughter for her actions.

His accomplice, who also pleaded guilty, is also expected to receive his sentence at a later date.