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What the science says to avoid

What the science says to avoid

Our health tip – This very common phenomenon is due to a conflict between our vision, inner ear, and proprioceptive sensors.

Summer holidays are approaching, and with it their share of long journeys by road, rail, sea or air. But who could claim to have remained unmoved during the crossing to the archipelago of the Seven Islands, off the pink granite coast, in this boat that smelled so strongly of petrol? Or not to drift off on the bus that gathers at the Gap to the Barcelonnette in the midst of the beautiful mountains of the Ubaye Valley, in the Southern Alps? We all have false trip memories. How do I explain Motion sickness ? Can we cut it? Le Figaro I met two specialists.

We are not all equal in facing this phenomenon called “kinesthesia” in medical terminology. Some can read in the car, even on winding roads, while others feel a little nauseous in a TGV. “Women – especially when they are pregnant – and children between the ages of 6 and 12 are most likely to develop this disease.informs Professor Alexis…

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