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You wake up after receiving treatment for lupus

You wake up after receiving treatment for lupus

After such a long time, it is generally believed that things will not develop anymore… However, after spending 20 years in psychiatry, April Burrell saw such an improvement in her condition that she was able to leave the hospital and return to a normal life.

Schizophrenia and catatonia, two mental disorders

The story he told Washington Post, begins when April Burrell is 21 years old. While still a student, the patient was diagnosed with schizophrenia, acutely severe. At the same time, she also suffers from catatonia, which he defines High Authority for Health (HAS) As a complex psychomotor syndrome that combines behavioral, motor and neurovegetative signs.

Symptoms of catatonia include stupor (lack of psychological activity, no interaction with the environment), agitation (unrelated to external stimuli), dumbness (no or near-absence of verbal response), passivity (opposition or unresponsiveness to instructions or stimuli), etc.

Lupus treatment improves his psychological disorders

For April Burrell, the main symptoms are above all the inability to communicate, to take care of herself, to have distant memories, and to get to know her family members.

Because of the young woman’s mental disorders, she was quickly trained in psychiatry and stayed there for 20 years…until 2018, when Sander Marx, an American psychiatrist, studies his case. For him, the symptoms you are experiencing can also be symptoms of SLE Chronic autoimmunity.

After confirming the diagnosis, I started treatment for lupus. In just six months, this treatment has significantly improved his cognitive state. Thus, she regains her memories and gets to know her family members. In 2020, she left the hospital and was integrated into a rehabilitation center.

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This case shows that some patients who are thought to have schizophrenia may actually have another disease, here lupus. Thus, treating this disease can improve their general condition.