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Knot Tkachuk: The whole family's intervention!

Knot Tkachuk: The whole family’s intervention!

With the opening of Ottawa Senators training camp, Brady Tkachuk is still searching for a deal, a situation known to his family.

When his brother Matthew signed his current three-year, $21 million contract with Calgary Flames, he did so at the end of September 2019. The same thing happened with their father Keith.

“Maybe he’s doing Tkachuk now,” Matthew Tkachuk told Sportsnet’s “31 Thoughts: The Podcast,” Friday. Dad waited, waited Matthew and it looks like Brady is on that road too. We hope he finds his approval, but there are a lot of false rumors in this regard. They’re not that close, but who knows? Perhaps they will find common ground.

While the Tkachuk family are known to be tough to come by and have a knack for slipping under the skin of their opponents, all of that has to be true when it comes to negotiations as well. Hockey players are as strong on the ice as they are in the business, hanging out in groups.

like a “family business”

“I’m in the ‘mix’, I still am. It’s a family business, nobody wants to do business with Tkachuk there, but we do it by commission. […] Dad and I definitely got involved. Brady needs some help with this stuff. He’s not as rude as we were in our situation, but he’s become more of a Tkachuk as this work continues.”

The latest rumors circulating about Brady Tkachuk claim that he is on track to sign an eight-year contract worth $8 million annually, an agreement similar to the one Thomas Chabot signed in 2019. That salary is certainly justified, if we are to trust his brother’s words.

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“He’s a very good player and he deserves to get everything he can,” Matthew said. He is the most important part of his team. Leader. He loves being there, so we’ll see what happens.”

Senators boot camp begins Wednesday, September 22nd.