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Alex Newhook practices for his first power play

Alex Newhook practices for his first power play

This morning, the Canadian practiced on the roster. It was important training. Why?

Because usually, teams do not have enough time to train adequately during one season. And there, since CH hadn't played for three days, that left more time to adjust things.

However, with the plane issue preventing Team CH from returning to Montreal immediately after Tuesday's game, we can think that changed the Canadian's plans.

Add to this the fact that CH will play at the beginning of the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday (no training planned) and that the club has to have Monday off and we had there (Friday morning) an important team training. the chapter.

But that happened without Jake Evans. He was entitled to a day of treatment.

He said that this does not necessarily mean anything for tomorrow's match.

Note that in recent weeks, it has often been Sean Monahan who is entitled to such days. Will Jake Evans take his chair, to use the coach's words?

Other takeaways from exercise?

Before official practice, at 10:30 a.m., Juraj Slavkovski returned to the ice with Dr. Schott. He practiced his shot, which is excellent news for the future.

But this is not the No. 1 aspect to remember.

Alex Newhook coached the first (very good) wave of the power play instead of Sean Monahan Tanner Pearson. This is an indication that he could be back in action tomorrow. We'll see what the coach says.

Does this mean that Lucas Condotta will go to Laval soon? Barring a surprise (such as injury), this is to be expected.

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Note that Pearson was sent to the second wave of training. Josh Anderson, Brandon Gignac, Jesse Ilonen and Arber Shikaj were his partners on this occasion.

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– Good question.

– Michel Bergeron compares Juraj Slavkovski to Michel Goulet. [TVA Sports]

– Maybe already.

– Too bad for Quebecers.

– Sorry?